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Welcome to the jungle: Trump’s plan for international trade

Welcome to the jungle: Trump's plan for international trade
Alessandro Gangarossa

Alessandro Gangarossa

Policy Researcher at Politheor
I hold a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a MSc double degree in Economics and International Relationsfrom University of Lugano (Switzerland) and Catholic University of Milan . During my master I could deepen my interest and specialize in EU law and policy, especially regarding EU Trade Law and trade defence policy, which was the topic of my final dissertation. This interest brought me to intern at the Commercial Office of the Consulate General of Egypt in Milan. Other than trade I am interested in national and international politics, as well as the EU political development.
Alessandro Gangarossa

The WTO allows a better governance of international trade, albeit with noteworthy shortcomings, by reducing world’s ineradicable anarchy. Without it, the stronger, richer and more powerful Country will always get the better hand of a deal. Which is exactly what Trump is looking for. The result could be that, as a more sustainable trade is […]

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