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Mr Uwe Puetter on European Union politics: ”Consensus has become almost an end in itself!”

Uwe Puetter

Uwe Puetter is Professor of European Public Policy and Governance at the School of Public Policy (SPP) and Director of the Center for European Union Research (CEUR) at the Central European University (CEU), Budapest. He also holds the Jean Monnet Chair in European Public Policy and Governance awarded by the European Commission and is a member of the Executive Board of the FP7 research consortium 'bEUcitizen'.

  New intergovernmentalism in the European Union P: Professor Puetter, thank you for joining us here at Politheor today. It is a great pleasure having you! First of all, congratulations on your newest book ‘’The European Council and the Council: New Institutionalism and Institutional Change’’. Can you start by saying a few words about the […]

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