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25 years after 9/11 – How many Germanies should Europe have?

Anis H. Bajrektarević

For past 15 years, he teaches subjects of Geo-political Affairs, International Law (including Intl. Relations, Law of IOs and EU Law) and Sustainable Development (Institutions and Instruments of). Besides, he served as a pro bono expert to numerous academic institutions, think-tanks and intergovernmental institutions (such as the UN ECE, OSCE, Council of Europe, American Bar, Oxford Academy of Total Intelligence, etc.). He is a Professor and Chairperson Intl. Law & Global Political Studies at the IMC University of Austria.

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originally published on: Modern Diplomacy . Ever since the Peace of Westphalia, Europe maintained the inner balance of powers by keeping its core section soft. Peripheral powers like England, France, Denmark, (Sweden and Poland being later replaced by) Prussia, the Ottomans, Habsburgs and Russia have pressed and preserved the center of continental Europe as their […]

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