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EU Asylum Policy – The necessity for a shared responsibility

EU Asylum Policy – The necessity for a shared responsibility

Athena Tacet

Athena Tacet is a journalist and editor specializing in foreign affairs, human rights and socio-political issues. Her writings have appeared in Al Jazeera English, The Huffington Post, Slate Magazine, and Embassy Magazine, a weekly Canadian foreign policy newspaper. She holds a BA in political science, a Certificate in Modern Arabic language and culture, a Graduate diploma in journalism and undertook a Master's degree in public policy at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her interests include the EU foreign policy, issues related to immigration and asylum policies, as well as nationalism and identity politics in Europe.

It’s a problem of responsibility. For more than a decade, EU Member States and EU institutions have combined their efforts to draft a EU Asylum Policy that would tackle the migration issue, and allocate the responsibility to process asylum cases on the principle of responsibility-shifting, rather than responsibility-sharing.  Author: Athena Tacet “Security and immigration management […]

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