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Politheor’s Special Report on the Future of the European Project

Politheor's Special Report on the Future of the European Project


Politheor is a European policy platform that brings together policy analysts in their mutual endeavour to enhance the quality of discussion on relevant policy issues in Europe. Its Advisory and Editorial Board are comprised of experts affiliated with the top education and policy institutions worldwide. The Politheor center also organizes trainings in policy analysis and promotes new generations of policy experts.

Editor: Mario Munta Authors: Piers Ludlow, Jacob Thaler, Dorin Chiritoiu, Mira Alexander, Emma Donnachie, Cedric Algoed, Svetlana Slavcheva, Thomas Straubhaar, Hanne Cokelaere, Izza Tahir, Gianna Merki, Andrej Stefanovic Download Link: http://politheor.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Politheor-SR-August2016.pdf

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