• Ready, Set, Go: Fighting Olympic Corruption

    Ready, Set, Go: Fighting Olympic Corruption0

    The preparation of the Olympic Games ends on a false note. In recent weeks, numerous scandals flooded news outlets all over the world. Be it the recent doping revelations, inconsistent awarding procedures or domestic cases of corruption that started with Petrobras and led to the impeachment of President Dilma Roussef. However, there is a straightforward solution for the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to mitigate the scandals related to the construction of the Olympic infrastructure: transparency in public procurement procedures.

  • Trust through transparency?

    Trust through transparency?0

    There is a general sense that our political institutions are experiencing a crisis of trust. Only recently, the Luxembourg tax scandal – under Jean-Claude Juncker the country signed secret tax deals with 350 international companies – caused a public outcry. Indirectly related to this crisis are the many transparency provisions with which the European Union seeks to achieve legitimacy in the eyes of its citizens. Can a lack of trust be remedied with a large dose of openness?