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Chile turns its back on neoliberalism with a policy of free higher education

Chile turns its back on neoliberalism with a policy of free higher education

Nicolás Torres Vieira

Nicolás Torres has more than six years of experience in the nonprofit sector, particularly in activities related to labor unions, social and legal empowerment of vulnerable workers, and community development. Nicolás is a lawyer and graduated with high distinction from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, and also earned a master in Public Policy from the Central European University in Hungary. While studying at the Law School he worked as a monitor at the Center of Labor Studies Alberto Hurtado, a nonprofit organization dependent on the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, training union and social leaders in labor law, leadership, and communication skills. After graduating from Law School, Nicolás worked as a lawyer in Ernst & Young Chile, rendering consultancy services in labor law, employment taxes, social security and immigration. Before starting his masters’ studies in Hungary, he contributed as a labor law professor at the Institute of Popular Education and Training in Santiago, working with vulnerable workers in order to improve their employment conditions and self-empowerment. During his professional career, Nicolás focused on labor studies, vulnerable workers employment conditions, and the effects of labor unions and collective bargaining on income distribution and poverty.

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Author: Nicolás Torres Vieira Chilean universities will gradually become tuition-free, starting in 2016 with the poorest deciles and so on. And how will this huge reform be funded? The government of president Michelle Bachelet, who has the majority in both chambers of the parliament, passed a tax reform which, once in place, will collect about […]

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