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“Civic death” penalty: the pinnacle of disability rights violations

"Civic death" penalty: the pinnacle of disability rights violations

Radoš Keravica

Rados Keravica holds a master degree from University of Novi Sad, Faculty for Economics. His research interests are related to social policy and social entrepreneurship.In 2011 he joined the Center for Society Orientation in Belgrade and Disability Rights Promotion International as Regional Officer for Europe. Through his work he has engaged in human rights monitoring focusing on disability and PLHIV rights, community-based social service development, deinstitutionalization processes, policy advice in the field of social inclusion, and reporting under international human rights mechanisms, among others.Mr. Keravica is a Co-chair of the IDDC Task Group on HIV & Disability.

Autonomous decision making is still an elusive dream for a large number of Europeans with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities who are placed under guardianship. These people experience “civic death” as they can not make their life choices, get married, sign employment contracts, inherit and manage property, vote or choose the place of living. Author: Radoš […]

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