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To ‘Europeanize’ Islamic Education

To 'Europeanize' Islamic Education
Izza Tahir

Izza Tahir

Policy Researcher at Politheor: European Policy Network
Izza Tahir is a Master of Public Policy graduate from the University of Toronto, Canada. She has worked as a policy analyst with the Government of Ontario in Canada as well as the Government of Pakistan. Her research interests include governance reform, health policy, and the politics and policy of education reform in developing countries.
Izza Tahir

The Muslim population of Europe is between 9 and 15 million, having risen steadily since the 1990s due to increased migration and more recently, the influx of refugees from Muslim-majority countries. In response, European policymakers, cognizant of Muslim traditions requiring children to be schooled in basic Islamic tenets and the Arabic language, have been introducing […]

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