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After 10000 years, it’s time for the ocean-agricultural revolution!

After 10000 years, it's time for the ocean-agricultural revolution!
Jakub Rusek

Jakub Rusek

Policy Researcher at Politheor: European Policy Network
Jakub Rusek is a PhD candidate at the University of Munich. He currently works at the EASAC (European Academies Science Advisory Council) as Assistant liaison officer and at FEDRA (Federation of Regional Actors) as a Young Regional Ambassador.
Jakub Rusek

Marine ecosystem services provide different functions that directly (through human use) or indirectly (impacts on supporting and regulating services in other environments) offer a variety of economic services of value to human society. Among those are, for example, food production, water quality, coastal protection from storm, suitable habitats for commercial species, recreational opportunities, climate change […]

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