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Afghanistan – a safe third country?

Afghanistan - a safe third country?
Ana-Maria Cioraru

Ana-Maria Cioraru

Policy Researcher at Politheor: European Policy Network
Ana Maria recently obtained her M.Sc in International Relations and Development Studies from The University of Aalborg, Denmark with a focus on Global Refugee Studies. Her final thesis looked at issues of Development and Internal Displacement in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. She previously took part in research projects among asylum seekers and refugees in Turkey, Greece and Malta. Currently she is volunteering within a Danish NGO working with homeless job-seeking migrants in Copenhagen. Her main research interests revolve around human rights in connection to forced migration and integration.
Ana-Maria Cioraru

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Against the backdrop of the 2015 and 2016 so-called ‘refugee crisis’ we have seen the EU and several European countries adopt increasingly restrictive measures to stem the migration flows: from building fences at the border of Hungary and Serbia, to tightening of requirements for residency in Denmark, to the scrapping of passport-free travel in Denmark, […]

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