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Putting local food back into our cities

Putting local food back into our cities

Darragh Cunningham

Policy Researcher at Politheor: European Policy Network
Darragh Cunningham holds an MSc in Environmental Policy from University College Dublin. He is primarily interested in policy issues related to climate change, green infrastructure, smart cities, sustainability and urbanisation. Darragh has recently undertaken a policy research internship for the Green Party in Ireland. From January 2017 he shall be part of the Projects Team for the EuroCities Network in Brussels on a work experience placement.

Currently, many Europeans are unaware of where their food comes from. Supply chains are lengthy and complex, oftentimes coming from far-flung destinations which makes finding the provenance of one’s food far from being a straightforward process. Sustainable local food and urban gardening are concepts which have arisen to prominence in recent years. Citizens are increasingly […]

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