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Thomas Straubhaar: “Integration remains a political process”

Thomas Straubhaar: "Integration remains a political process"
Dorin Chiritoiu

Dorin Chiritoiu

Policy Researcher at Politheor: European Policy Network
Dorin pursues the interdisciplinary M.Sc. in Politics, Economics, and Philosophy offered by the University of Hamburg. His bachelor thesis explores the revival of protectionist trade policies following the 2007 global financial crisis. After spending a period of time at the Foundation for an Open Society Romania, he has become an active promoter of Open Educational Resources as a new way to enhance the learning process. He is now interested in schools of economic thought and how they influence the decision-making process.
Dorin Chiritoiu

TS: If we focus on the short-term effects, we can say that QE has helped to turn around the very negative mood in Europe and helped stabilise the European financial markets. On the other hand, QE is associated with two long-term costs: (a) the loss of confidence in ECB → the ECB has somehow lost […]

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