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Gender parity in governments: Can we force it?

Gender parity in governments: Can we force it?

Sandra Bahous

Policy Researcher at Politheor
Sandra is a New-York qualified attorney and holds a bachelor's degree in finance from McGill University. In the past year, she has worked with Amnesty International on raising awareness on cases involving prisoners of conscience, refugee rights, and capital punishment. She is currently a Research Associate at the Harvard Business School working alongside a professor on research and case writing for an MBA course on leadership and corporate accountability. She is interested in bringing forth policy issues arising in the Middle East including gender equality, political economy, and human rights.

He added that it was important for Canada to have a cabinet that looked like the country it represented. Straightforward (isn’t it?). If the entire world is made up of approximately 50% males and 50% females, then why is it that countries all around the world are hesitant to appoint women to positions of power […]

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