• Chlorine chicken on British plates?

    Chlorine chicken on British plates?0

    Back when I was living in Vietnam, I bought and cooked a pale looking chicken, which left large rashes over my hands. I never got to know what exactly caused this reaction, but this experience reinforced my cautiousness regarding transformed foodstuff and my aversion for chlorine chicken. This feeling is shared by many across Europe, including in the UK where 82% of the population recently declared they would rather ditch a trade deal with the US than let chlorine chicken into their plates. However, this agreement is very likely to happen, and citizens may not have a say in the matter.

  • Have our food waste policies passed their expiry date?

    Have our food waste policies passed their expiry date?1

    Food waste is being increasingly recognised as a key environmental, social and economic issue. Despite this, the policy response to this challenge is sorely lacking, whilst existing legislation is hindering organisations trying to recuperate surplus food. It is imperative that policy makers support and facilitate the efforts of those working to combat food waste.