• Japan is opening its door to migrants

    Japan is opening its door to migrants1

    For a long period of time Japan has been one of the world’s most homogenous countries; and even today only 2% of the population is foreign born. This is especially unusual given that large GDP countries like Japan generally tend to attract immigrants. But lately there is more and more evidence that their migration policies are finally going to be changed.

  • Japan-EU trade deal:  an uneven road ahead for EU car manufacturers?

    Japan-EU trade deal: an uneven road ahead for EU car manufacturers?1

    The Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (JEEPA) is especially beneficial for the Japanese car industry as it reduces tariff barriers on car imports from Japan. This new deal reinforces Japan’s trade strength in the car industry and asserts their growing dominance in the sector. The flip side of the deal ‘coining’ reveals two interesting aspects. One, in exchange of tariff reduction for Japanese cars, the EU will obtain tariff reductions mainly on its agricultural exports to Japan; more significantly on cheese. Two, the EU automobile market is offering a larger latitude to a country which is already a daunting competitor in the sector. Is the deal sending the EU on an uneven road?


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