• Carbon capture & storage: Friend or foe for solving global warming?

    Carbon capture & storage: Friend or foe for solving global warming?1

    Carbon capture & storage (CCS) is the new kid in town. It promises a drastic reduction of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. I find that much can be argued against it.

  • The future we want?

    The future we want?0

    Resolution A/RES/66/288 of the United Nations, better known as The Future We Want, is an ambitious document published in 2012 to end the World’s major problems through the sustainable development goals. With the post-2015 development agenda soon to take off, and the climate summit in Paris in foresight, The Future We Want is back in the limelight – if ever gone to begin with. The future will be sustainable. Because that is what we want. Is its essential underpinning, globalization, also the future we want? Jaap Rozema guesses not.

  • Climate Case: the heat goes on

    Climate Case: the heat goes on0

    Something noteworthy happened in June in the Netherlands, where an activist organization successfully sued the state over its lack of commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. While unprecedented and unparalleled, the Climate Case won’t save the climate but pits government against court.