• Japan is opening its door to migrants

    Japan is opening its door to migrants1

    For a long period of time Japan has been one of the world’s most homogenous countries; and even today only 2% of the population is foreign born. This is especially unusual given that large GDP countries like Japan generally tend to attract immigrants. But lately there is more and more evidence that their migration policies are finally going to be changed.

  • Childhood is not a crime

    Childhood is not a crime0

    The US government is manipulating migrants by not bringing their children back. How is it possible that children became a blackmailing tool?

  • When you’re a country, size matters

    When you’re a country, size matters0

    Recently, media and people all around the world have been paying a lot of attention to migration and asylum policies of countries such as Germany, France, Canada or the United States. Some decisions of leaders of big countries have sparked outrage, while others were met with enthusiasm. But the one thing they had in common was that people heard about them. Smaller countries, on the other hand, often manage to push through controversial legislation without gaining much attention. This is why this piece puts a spotlight on the migration legislation in Slovenia, a European country currently hosting 252 asylum seekers.


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