• The paradise paradox: Maldives, a sinking country?

    The paradise paradox: Maldives, a sinking country?38

    Maldives is now the poster-child for the consequences of climate change. Global warming will almost certainly lead to the demise of these islands which are predicted to submerge in thirty years’ time. Disappearing into the rising sea, it will become the first country having to relocate all its population as refugees due to global climate change.

  • The invisible people

    The invisible people0

    Usually when the question of how welcoming a country’s attitude towards refugees is raised, people look at the relation between proportion of accepted and rejected asylum seekers. But the destiny of those rejected is rarely featured in the mass media. What happens to them?

  • Europe Grapples with Child Marriage

    Europe Grapples with Child Marriage0

    Amid the substantial increase in child marriage as a negative coping strategy to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, European nations are scrambling to find sustainable response to the influx of child brides. Recent cases involving de-facto or de-jure recognition of child marriage in Member States that ban such unions have not only triggered concern on the lack of protective measures for child brides, but also demonstrated that addressing child marriage is not at all a straightforward endeavor.


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