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    Graham Patterson

    Graham Patterson is currently finishing his second year of graduate school at the University of York in England, working towards a Master’s in Public Policy. Previously he spent five years working in the government and NGO sectors after receiveing his B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). His primary academic interests are intergovernmental fiscal transfers, partnerships between government and the private sector, and lately he has taken an active interest in mediation used for diplomacy. His hobbies are traveling, scuba diving and working in local/student government.

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  • The Case for Governmental Regulation of Net Traffic (Part I)

    The Case for Governmental Regulation of Net Traffic (Part I)0

    Stepping onto the battlefield that rages over the issue of net neutrality, even as an observer, is enough to make your head spin. There is a vast amount of often contradictory information to process, with each faction that provides it chanting vigorously in defense of their own viewpoint. Soon you realize that each outcry sounds roughly the same, some version of “if our plans are not enacted, the beautiful internet you have come to love will be controlled and damaged by the wrong people, and end up just a shadow of its current self”.


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