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    Tom Monti

    Tom has just completed his MA in Development Studies at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. His thesis examined the relationship between international trade and trade union rights in India and Pakistan. Before this, Tom worked for the National Alliance of People’s Movements and the European Projects and Management Agency in Delhi and Prague respectively. During the course of his undergraduate degree, he completed a one year internship with international development consultancy firm EUROPE Ltd. His areas of interest include trade liberalisation, workers’ rights and civil society. Alongside his work with Politheor, Tom is currently working for TRUST Consultancy and Development.

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  • International Trade by the People, for the People

    International Trade by the People, for the People0

    Inequality is rising, wages are declining, local businesses are dying, and poverty remains; resources are being exhausted and climate change is destroying ecosystems whilst increasing the magnitude of natural disasters. Meanwhile, international trade deals that exasperate all of these problems continue to be agreed behind closed doors. In the name of profit, power and domination, the world’s rich elite continue to ensure our planet’s resources and wealth remain monopolised in their hands whilst presenting us with a glossy façade of global trade deals as essential for our prosperity. It is against this backdrop that voices have been raised in Malaysia, demanding trade agreements incorporate a radical, pro-people, pro-environment ‘people’s charter’.


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