• Blaming the victims: threats to the Roma in France

    Blaming the victims: threats to the Roma in France0

    Reports on child abductions spreading on social media lead to the attack of Roma communities in France in March 2019. Following these, the reports and rumours proved to be unfounded and the police and city authorities in Paris warned against sharing false information and inciting to violence.

  • Qatar working conditions 2.0?

    Qatar working conditions 2.0?0

    Qatar is hosting the next world cup in 2022. Major sports events are prone to labour and other human rights violations, reason for which it is essential to revisit the situation of the richest country in the world, which combines both an image of luxury and of extreme poverty.

  • Justice denied: Voiceless in Guantanamo

    Justice denied: Voiceless in Guantanamo2

    No charge, no trial, no conviction; only hours of torture and interrogation. The Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is a “secret” prison where kidnappings, forced disappearances and degrading prison conditions makes lives of detainees, a living hell. Prisoner rights are mostly not a popular topic of debate. But, can rights be called so if they can be dismissed so effortlessly?


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