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    Andrija Visic

    Andrija is currently an MA candidate in Public Policy at the Central European University. Prior to his studies he had been working as the Head of Office of the Croatian Lobbyist Association in Zagreb, Croatia. His current work involves research on lobbying regulation in the EU member states.

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  • Lobbying law in Croatia: haven’t we waited long enough?

    Lobbying law in Croatia: haven’t we waited long enough?0

    Imagine yourself working in a state of legal uncertainty, not really knowing what you are allowed to do and what not. Have you? Good. Now remember that there is a regulation in place that protects you as worker (by defining your profession) giving you certain rights, as there is at least one for almost every type of work. Well, there is, however, no regulation or a job description for lobbyists in any official document issued by the Croatian government. Professional lobbyists in Croatia have thus been working under dubious conditions for the last 20 years, some of them as business consultants and others as lawyers under the protection of Croatian labor law.


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