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    Melina Monjour

    Melina is currently completing her MA in International Studies and Diplomacy at SOAS University in London. She holds a master’s degree in History and International Affairs from Paris Sorbonne University. In parallel to her studies, she gained experience in several Italian and French magazines, as well as collaborating with a think tank working in close contact with the French Parliament. Her broad research interests range from international affairs to energy related issues, geopolitics and natural resources.

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  • It is time for innovation in the EU’s agriculture!

    It is time for innovation in the EU’s agriculture!1

    The agricultural sector encounters undoubtedly a form of crisis in Europe. In France, hundreds of farmers continue to unleash a torrent of almost daily protests against the collapse of milk and pork prices. In Italy, the situation is alarming too. Last year, Coldiretti, Europe’s largest agricultural professional organisation, rang an alarm bell: agriculture may disappear in thirty-two years in Italy.


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