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    Michele Federle

    Michele Federle is currently pursuing a Master's degree in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris, France. He was also a student at the Scuola di Politiche, Rome, the public policy school founded by former Italian PM Enrico Letta. Among his professional experiences are included internships at the Deutsche Bundesbank in Frankfurt and at the Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung in Mannheim, Germany. His research interests encompass global financial governance, European integration and macroeconomics.

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  • How GAFA can bully banks

    How GAFA can bully banks0

    Facebook and Apple allow their users to exchange money with one another. Amazon grants loans to its sellers and is about to offer checking accounts to its younger users. Google Pay is the perfect online substitute for our analogical wallet. How long will it take before the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) enter the banking club officially? Should commercial banks feel threatened by the big tech companies?

  • What if central banks meddle with cryptocurrencies?

    What if central banks meddle with cryptocurrencies?1

    Cryptocurrencies were set to disrupt and completely revolutionize the use and the very concept of money. Yet, 10 years on from the launch of Bitcoin — the pioneer among cryptocurrencies — cash is still alive and well, and the digital currency revolution is not in sight. The economic institution to revive the hype around digital currencies may be one above any suspicion: the central bank.


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