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    Thom Van Willigen

    Thom is interested in policy issues related to energy, security and the relationship between post-Soviet states and 'Western' Europe (especially where these issues intersect). He recently completed an interdisciplinary dual degree MSc programme in European Governance at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Inspired to explore some practical elements to energy issues in a different way, he is currently working on two projects. First, a selection of tables that have a solar panel and inductive charging capabilities for phones embedded in the surface. Second, low-cost energy monitoring hardware and an online savings tool to realize a reduction in energy use aimed at countries with a high dependence on energy imports, a low level of awareness on energy savings potential and where energy prices are not transparent.

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  • What’s the deal with Russian gas in Georgia?

    What’s the deal with Russian gas in Georgia?0

    A potential natural gas delivery deal from GAZPROM to Georgia went bust, but not without causing quite a stir as well as calling into question Georgia’s motivation for starting talks to begin with. However, the entire discussion has overlooked the more glaring problem of a seriously outdated energy policy on the Georgian side.


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