• A troubled journey ahead: Theresa May’s trade bill

    A troubled journey ahead: Theresa May’s trade bill0

    The House of Commons is currently reviewing a package of laws, introduced over the last year by Theresa May’s government, which will have a major impact on the post-Brexit future of the United Kingdom. The European Union, the Taxation and the Trade bills will implement the legal framework for exiting the European Union. Trade is one of the key issues the UK is facing – as it leaves the European Union, it will lose the benefits of over 40 trade agreements which account for almost 25% of UK’s exports outside of the EU. This law will ensure the transition out of the European common commercial policy and should minimize the impact of Brexit on UK’s economy. However, the government’s project is inherently flawed and is facing resistance as it passes through the legislative process.

  • Brexit and the single market: Norway or No way

    Brexit and the single market: Norway or No way0

    After recent declarations by Theresa May and David Davis, the UK’s conservative government seems to be convinced that a “hard” Brexit is the best option for the country. Discussions with the EU over the UK’s participation in the single market seem to have been halted and the Norwegian European model rejected. This is terrible news for UK trade and especially for the services sector which is the UK’s most important trading sector, with a trade surplus equating to 5% of the national income (about $138 billion).

  • To accept or not to accept?

    To accept or not to accept?0

    2016 has brought us Brexit and Trump, and with them came the loud, mass calls for repeating or at least recounting the votes. So what happened to respecting the will of the people? Don’t get me wrong, I am just as appalled and disappointed by the recent turn in Western politics as you probably are. However, the people have voted and I must respect that. And so do you and so does everyone else. Whether we are happy about the result or not.

  • Extreme Makeover: Science Edition

    Extreme Makeover: Science Edition0

    2016 gave us an American president-elect despite never having served in elected office. It also marked an historic turning point in the European project when a key member voted to leave. These events, in the minds of many, cemented the phenomenon of the ‘post-truth’ paradigm where slapdash opinions have garnered widespread favour atop ‘facts’. The architects of previous sacrosanct-held facts, the sciences, and especially the economics profession, require a makeover. 

  • The gender in Brexit

    The gender in Brexit0

    Regardless of the outcome of the upcoming Brexit negotiations between the UK and the EU, women will lose from the deal. But it is not too late yet to turn crisis into opportunity.

  • Could Brexit farm nature back to health?

    Could Brexit farm nature back to health?0

    Following Brexit, the UK farming industry will lose £3 billion in EU subsidies. In its place a sustainable, logical reform has been proposed by the National Trust to pay farmers for environmental services. This should be seized.


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