• What does research tell us about Erasmus+?

    What does research tell us about Erasmus+?0

    The well-known European Union’s mobility programme Erasmus+ has been widely discussed in the last few years by the so-called Eurostars and in the public sphere at large. So far the European Commission has ignored students with poor foreign language proficiency and students who come from low income families. Instead, such students should be encouraged to participate in mobility, giving them opportunity to learn host country’s language during the exchange and providing sufficient scholarship to cover their costs. Otherwise, a new gap will open between the mobile elite moving toward a European identity and the less mobile people sticking to national identity or even aggressive nationalism.

  • The Great Gatsby effect

    The Great Gatsby effect0

    The Unites Stated and South Sudan are the only two nations still refusing to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  • Tackling elitism in education: What does that mean for France?

    Tackling elitism in education: What does that mean for France?1

    The failure of top-down technocratic climate policy to accelerate decarbonization of the economy has provoked environmentalists to experiment with the idea of divestment in fossil fuel corporations. However arousing excitement among the Left, good intentions don’t always make for good policy.


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