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    Ann-Kathrin Beck

    Ann-Kathrin Beck is currently finishing up her graduate degree in the Erasmus Mundus Masters Program in Public Policy at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals and the School of Public Policy, Central European University, Budapest. Previously, she has gained professional experiences with the German Agency for Development Cooperation (GIZ) in Ghana, Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Indonesia and the German Embassy in Kazakhstan, always eager to find the connections between environmental and development policies – her two main research interests. Her master thesis focusses on the external dimension and potentials of EU forest governance.

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  • Making nature count: What can the EU do?

    Making nature count: What can the EU do?1

    How much would it cost if we had to pay for the clean air that forests provide? For the groundwater filtered by natural soils? For the beautiful setting of the ocean when on holiday? How would businesses and national economies compare if we looked beyond the GDP, towards intangible environmental services? Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) has the answers, but its pioneers need to communicate what it’s all about to ensure implementation.

  • Białowieża Forest: An unexpected venue for the Commission’s case against Poland

    Białowieża Forest: An unexpected venue for the Commission’s case against Poland0

    Poland has become the prime example of recurring nationalism in the midst of Europe, fueling frictions between EU lawmakers and national leaders. But besides the pending disputes over constitutional changes and migration laws, the European Court of Justice ruling on the Białowieża Forest can define the course for the future relationship.


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