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    Camila Azavedo

    Camila Azevedo is a Brazilian/Portuguese graduate with extensive international experience. Currently based in Sweden, she has also lived in Brazil, Norway, England and Jamaica. Camila holds a Master of Science degree in International Development and Management from Lund University, Sweden. She also holds a Bachelor’s in Media and Communication Studies from Santos Catholic University, Brazil. Camila has four years of professional experience in program management support, communications, research, marketing and education. Originally a journalist, Camila is interested in the intersection of communications and development, especially concerning policy, communications, research and advocacy services. Her main research interests include agrarian and environmental issues, forced labor, inequality, corporate accountability and migration. Camila’s fieldwork-based master’s thesis deals with the question of access to land in Southern Brazil and the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement (MST), the largest peasant movement in Latin America. It has been nominated for the Hydén Award for best thesis in socioeconomic and political issues in developing countries by Lund University, Sweden.

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  • Modern slavery in the Irish fishing industry: a labor or migration question?

    Modern slavery in the Irish fishing industry: a labor or migration question?0

    Recently the British newspaper The Guardian has released an exclusive story on the plight of migrant workers in the fishing industry in Ireland, who were subjected to deplorable conditions of work aboard the country’s vessels. According to the daily’s investigation, African and Asian fishermen undergo different kinds of abuses onboard, such as suffering sleep deprivation, having no days off, working long and unpaid overtime, arbitrary retention of salaries and passports, constraint of freedom of movement, verbal and physical abuses, among others.


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