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    Cedric Algoed

    Cedric Algoed holds an MA in Economics from the University of Ghent. He is currently enrolled in an LLM in Law and Politics of International Security at the VU Amsterdam. He focuses on civil war, the political economy of conflict and rebel governance.

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  • Chronicles of Nauru: Outsourced

    Chronicles of Nauru: Outsourced0

    Australia’s refugee policy has been a festering wound for the past three years. On August 10th the wound exploded when The Guardian revealed 2,100 reported incidents of the offshore detention centre in Nauru. Most of the attention has been rightly devoted to the abuses themselves. Yet, at the same time it occludes a more widespread, global problem: the risks of outsourcing.

  • Brave New Euro

    Brave New Euro0

    The European Union (EU) should further integrate fiscally and politically in spite of the many challenges it faces. Nationalist movements across the continent threaten the existence of the EU. The Euro, once the pinnacle of the European project, has been dealt a couple of blows. We cowardly lay blame on refugees, populists and a coin; they will never disappear. It’s not the fault of the Euro. It’s (the lack of) political will, stupid!

  • Goodbye, FARC? How to end the world’s longest civil war

    Goodbye, FARC? How to end the world’s longest civil war0

    On the 23rd of June the Colombian government finally concluded a peace agreement with the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia). Commentators quickly labelled it a historic moment, which potentially ends the world’s longest insurgency. Signing a peace agreement is, however, one thing, effectively demobilizing fighters and reintegrating FARC-controlled territory another. How should Colombia, and the international community, tackle these problems? How can we end a conflict that left more than 220,000 dead?

  • Ready, Set, Go: Fighting Olympic Corruption

    Ready, Set, Go: Fighting Olympic Corruption0

    The preparation of the Olympic Games ends on a false note. In recent weeks, numerous scandals flooded news outlets all over the world. Be it the recent doping revelations, inconsistent awarding procedures or domestic cases of corruption that started with Petrobras and led to the impeachment of President Dilma Roussef. However, there is a straightforward solution for the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to mitigate the scandals related to the construction of the Olympic infrastructure: transparency in public procurement procedures.


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