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    Igor Sarkissian

    Igor Sarkissian holds an M.A. in Advanced European and International Studies from Sciences Po Lille. Focusing mainly on European affairs and the EU, he worked as an intern for the economic and trade section of the EU delegation to Vietnam. His areas of interests include the economic, foreign and trade policy of the EU, the decision-making process of the European institutions and the relations between Europe and Asia.

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  • Chlorine chicken on British plates?

    Chlorine chicken on British plates?0

    Back when I was living in Vietnam, I bought and cooked a pale looking chicken, which left large rashes over my hands. I never got to know what exactly caused this reaction, but this experience reinforced my cautiousness regarding transformed foodstuff and my aversion for chlorine chicken. This feeling is shared by many across Europe, including in the UK where 82% of the population recently declared they would rather ditch a trade deal with the US than let chlorine chicken into their plates. However, this agreement is very likely to happen, and citizens may not have a say in the matter.

  • Environment & trade agreements: a peaceful coexistence?

    Environment & trade agreements: a peaceful coexistence?0

    Trade facilitation enhances environmental degradation, and this has to be addressed by policy makers. The noxious impact of trade on the environment is undeniable: it generates pollution through transportation (one of the most harmful economic sectors) and by fostering large-scale production for greater growth.

  • A troubled journey ahead: Theresa May’s trade bill

    A troubled journey ahead: Theresa May’s trade bill0

    The House of Commons is currently reviewing a package of laws, introduced over the last year by Theresa May’s government, which will have a major impact on the post-Brexit future of the United Kingdom. The European Union, the Taxation and the Trade bills will implement the legal framework for exiting the European Union. Trade is one of the key issues the UK is facing – as it leaves the European Union, it will lose the benefits of over 40 trade agreements which account for almost 25% of UK’s exports outside of the EU. This law will ensure the transition out of the European common commercial policy and should minimize the impact of Brexit on UK’s economy. However, the government’s project is inherently flawed and is facing resistance as it passes through the legislative process.

  • Are we moving forward? – A new-generation of trade agreements for the EU

    Are we moving forward? – A new-generation of trade agreements for the EU0

    A reform of trade and investment agreements has been undergoing over the past ten years. While these agreements used to focus solely on facilitating the movement of goods and capitals, their scope is wider today and covers contemporary issues. The European trade policy also evolved and gave birth to a new-generation of free-trade agreements such as the ones concluded with Singapore, Canada or Vietnam. Several factors drove this wave of reform towards a more comprehensive approach to trade and should lead to further improvements.


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