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    Izza Tahir

    Izza Tahir is a Master of Public Policy graduate from the University of Toronto, Canada. She has worked as a policy analyst with the Government of Ontario in Canada as well as the Government of Pakistan. Her research interests include governance reform, health policy, and the politics and policy of education reform in developing countries.

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  • Pokémon GO: To regulate or not to regulate?

    Pokémon GO: To regulate or not to regulate?18

    Pokémons are running amok in the digital world and children and adults alike are running amok in the real world trying to catch them: since its release in July 2016, the augmented-reality mobile game Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm. The unprecedented popularity of the game and player experiences have raised safety and privacy concerns however, leading many to question whether or not policymakers should now regulate augmented-reality games such as Pokémon GO.

  • Rio 2016’s Unenduring Legacy

    Rio 2016’s Unenduring Legacy0

    The 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have been heralded from the start as ‘legacy games’. One key component of the Rio 2016 legacy plan is increased sport participation for low-income children and youth, with a number of public programs set up, and substantial funding channeled, toward this goal. One month before the Games are scheduled to begin, however, this legacy has yet to leave a lasting mark.


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