• Climate change, cities and heat waves: how soon is now?

    Climate change, cities and heat waves: how soon is now?3

    On a hot summer day city dwellers rely mainly on unsustainable adaptation solutions like energy-hungry air conditioning, which make our cities not only greyer, but contribute significantly to climate change. Green adaptation solutions can help save energy and mitigate the worst effects of climate change – now!

  • COP21, success or failure?

    COP21, success or failure?1

    In Paris, climate politics is normalizing. Unsuccessful coercion gives ways to voluntary measures; the top-down approach gives way to bottom-up climate diplomacy. After twenty long years, and in times of political turmoil, this can only mean progress.

  • Climate Case: the heat goes on

    Climate Case: the heat goes on0

    Something noteworthy happened in June in the Netherlands, where an activist organization successfully sued the state over its lack of commitment to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. While unprecedented and unparalleled, the Climate Case won’t save the climate but pits government against court.


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