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    Emma Donnachie

    I am a renewable energy policy enthusiast with an LLB in European Law and an MSc in Environment and Development. My interests particularly lie in the potential of off-grid renewable energy in the transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as the role of energy policy and law in assisting leapfrogging in international development. I am currently working as a programme co-ordinator in an international charity which raises funds primarily for humanitarian and environmental causes, and carries out projects throughout Africa and Asia.

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  • City-led climate change mitigation: persisting inequalities

    City-led climate change mitigation: persisting inequalities0

    The role of cities in efforts for global emission reductions are high on the global agenda. However, the reality of the funding gap between the demand for investment from cities in the developing world, and the capacity to mobilise funds, brings to the fore the stark inequalities that endure between developed and developing states.

  • The irony of a UK exit that Brexiters are missing

    The irony of a UK exit that Brexiters are missing0

    As pro-Brexit voters push for Britain to leave the EU, their arguments fail to take into consideration the paradox that their leaving might cause: the UK’s move from prominent policy maker within Brussels, to being at the whim of decisions made in the EU without their input. The UK march for autonomy would in fact be undermined by the geography and trade links that would likely ensure a sustained close relationship between the UK and the EU, governed by the very EU energy policy that the ‘out’ campaign are trying to escape.


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