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    Suad Skenderi

    Suad Skenderi graduated Political Science, International Relations and Journalism at FON University, Macedonia and acquired his Master of Arts degree in Political Science at the Central European University - Budapest. From 2008 to 2012, he has worked as an assistant in the sector for Human Rights and Inter-ethnic relations at "Mesecina" - Gostivar. Currently he is an executive director at Romalitico, the academic medium related to Roma policy analyses. He is interested in data visualizations, infographics, advocacy, minority politics, politics of identity, representation, participation and good governance. In addition, he has contributed for the Balkanist, Bright Green, European Student Think Tank, Nationalia, Iul Pianus

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  • The enemy within – Russian influence in the EU

    The enemy within – Russian influence in the EU0

    The European Union is in a serious plight that challenges the “Europeanization” idea. Despite of all the internal destabilizing factors, Russian government sought for strategies to undermine the values and the unity of the European Union.

  • The flaws of the decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-2015

    The flaws of the decade of Roma Inclusion 2005-20150

    After a turbulent decade of Roma Inclusion starting from 2005, the year 2016 is a year of analyses, evaluations and impact assessment. The end of the decade provided space for discussions with an emphasis on the gains and losses of the initiative. Some of the stakeholders highlight the pros arguing that the decade was the perfect period to raise awareness for the issues of Roma while I echo the cons, arguing that the Central and Eastern European countries overlooked the initiative and shown lack of interest in sustainable changes for inclusion of Roma.


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