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    Tine Stausholm

    Tine has a BSc in biology and a MSc in biogeography, both obtained in her native Denmark. She has been working with science communication and public engagement since her graduation. Alongside this she has been doing research and surveying of land use and cover in the EU for Eurostat. Her international experience includes working as a education mentor on a rhino relocation project in Zambia and a stint as a research diver in Mexico. She currently lives in London where she works as a freelance writer and editor of research funding opportunities.

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  • Wasting food or creating waste?

    Wasting food or creating waste?1

    Organisations working to reduce food waste, and those calling for a reduction in packaging, are competing for attention these days. Which of the issues is the most pressing? When looking at the bigger picture there can be no doubt; wasting food is creating hunger and potentially a lot more environmental problems than surplus packaging.

  • The ethics of NGOs and what happens when it fails

    The ethics of NGOs and what happens when it fails2

    Big non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like Greenpeace can have enormous impact on people’s perceptions of environmental issues. Their campaign against genetically modified foods is a good example. However, when they use that influence to further their own agenda, rather than the public good, it can have very serious consequences.

  • Not-so-green games for a blue planet

    Not-so-green games for a blue planet0

    The organisers of the Rio Olympic Games promised to clean up Rio’s dangerously polluted waterways and provide sanitation for at least 80% of the inhabitants before 2016. As the games draw near, they admit that they have failed, but claim that there are no risks to athletes or to the general public.

  • Brexit: The bigger environmental picture

    Brexit: The bigger environmental picture0

    UK environmental organisations are urging a vote to stay in the upcoming Brexit referendum. They believe it will be better for nature. If we look at the bigger picture and consider the UK government’s record on environmental issues; is the conclusion that they might be wrong? Or might a last ditch effort to secure a stay vote actually turn things around?


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