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    Veronika Tisold

    Veronika holds a Bachelor in European Law and a Master in Globalisation & Law from Maastricht University. During her studies she lived in Germany, Belgium and the UK. Her special areas of interest are the institutional law of the European Union law and international trade and the law of the World Trade Organisation. Currently she works at an EU Affairs Consulting Group in Brussels.

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  • The EU-US trade negotiation is the ultimate test for EU climate goals

    The EU-US trade negotiation is the ultimate test for EU climate goals0

    On Monday, 15 April the Council decided to adopt the negotiating directives for trade talks with the United States on a Free Trade Agreement. Now concerns are raised regarding the US administrations departure from its commitments to combat climate change envisaged in the Paris Agreement. On the other hand, supporters of the FTA argue that due to the current state of international trade it would be important to reach such an agreement to avoid further escalation. However, when it comes to trade the EU has failed to observe its climate commitments as part of negotiating schedules, questioning its willingness to be in the forefront of the fight against climate change.

  • David vs Goliath: the EU competition’s dilemma

    David vs Goliath: the EU competition’s dilemma0

    Since industrial giants from China and the US are becoming dominant players in certain sectors of global and EU markets, 19 EU governments proposed revising the EU’s antitrust rules with the aim to support and facilitate the emergence of so-called “European champions” to make the EU competitive vis-à-vis major world economies.


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