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    Alessandro Gangarossa

    I hold a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a MSc double degree in Economics and International Relations from University of Lugano (Switzerland) and Catholic University of Milan . During my master I could deepen my interest and specialize in EU law and policy, especially regarding EU Trade Law and trade defence policy, which was the topic of my final dissertation. This interest brought me to intern at the Commercial Office of the Consulate General of Egypt in Milan. Other than trade I am interested in national and international politics, as well as the EU political development.

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  • To improve is to change. Can the WTO be reformed?

    To improve is to change. Can the WTO be reformed?0

    In the end of September, a group of senior trade officials met in Geneva, to initiate a preparatory discussion on the future of the WTO. The debate will be further addressed on October 24-25 at ministerial level by 13 WTO members, a.k.a. the “coalition of the willing”, including the EU, Canada and Japan. Calls for reform spread as Trump’s administration stubbornly blocked the Dispute Settlement System for years, reaching a breaking point last month.

  • Welcome to the jungle: Trump’s plan for international trade

    Welcome to the jungle: Trump’s plan for international trade0

    President Donald Trump is consistently trying to wear out the multilateral trading system in order to capitalize on US position of economic power against its trading partners. Does it sound very mercantilist? It does, and it is.

  • Not all that is trade glitters

    Not all that is trade glitters0

    The fifth round of negotiations between the EU and Indonesia on the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement was held in Brussels in July 2018. Despite being at early stages, the negotiations prompted heated debate and strong opposition from international NGOs, as the Commission has poorly addressed major issues related to environmental and labour standards, as well as sustainable investment and development.

  • Green must be the new black

    Green must be the new black0

    In 2013 Chinese Government unveiled an ambitious plan to revive the Silk Road, connecting Asia and Europe, through a colossal infrastructure network. The 900$bn plan will affect more than 65 countries – representing around 30% of world’s GDP and almost 65% of world’s population.


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