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    Francesca Coppola

    After graduating from Università Cattolica in Milan, Francesca attended a MSc in Political Economy of Europe at the London School of Economics and she is now about to obtain her Master degree in International Economic Policy from Sciences Po Paris. Before her internship at Politheor, she interned at the Representation of the European Commission in the UK. Her main research interests include the International Monetary System, Financial Regulation and European Governance.

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  • Waltraud Schelkle: “Eurozone must build risk-sharing mechanisms”

    Waltraud Schelkle: “Eurozone must build risk-sharing mechanisms”0

    Joseph Stiglitz can certainly not be counted among the friends of the Euro. His new book, The Euro and Its Threat to the Future of Europe, provides ammunition for Eurosceptics, on whichever side of the political spectrum: a harsh critique of the Single Currency, unrealistic policy proposals on how to save it (e.g. a fiscal federation), the conclusion that an “amicable divorce” would be best. In this interview, Waltraud Schelkle, Associate Professor in Political Economy at the European Institute, London School of Economics and Political Science, provides an alternative read of the euro area crisis.

  • Ain’t no Atlas strong enough to support the Italian banking system on its shoulders

    Ain’t no Atlas strong enough to support the Italian banking system on its shoulders0

    As a whole, Italian banks have non-performing loans (NPL) worth 198bn euros. Add in so-called “sofferenze”, i.e. debt at risk of non payment, and the total amount rises to 360bn euros. The Italian government has strong-armed the banks into setting up a fund – called “Atlante” – that will act as a backstop for banks that are trying to raise capital and cannot find buyers for their new share issues. Unlike the myth it echoes though, Atlante is not strong enough. And, with Mr Renzi, Italy’s PM, putting his legitimacy at stake with the referendum coming up in October, the government might not have the ability and time to do anything better.


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