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    Gianna Merki

    Gianna has a degree in Law, and graduate degrees in Social Policy and in International Relations. She also took courses in data journalism, teaching skills, training for trainers, critical thinking, electoral observation, conflict mediation. She collaborated with NGOs in Belgrade, Prishtina, Lisbon, and is a conflict mediator, editor, proofreader and translator. She is a member of the Coordinating Collective of DiEM25 - Democracy in Europe Movement and a member of the European Forum for Restorative Justice.

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  • Human Rights: None of your business?

    Human Rights: None of your business?1

    Have you heard of the latest steps towards an International Treaty on Business and Human Rights?

  • On the way to trade justice in the EU?

    On the way to trade justice in the EU?1

    With the political and social challenges currently faced by the EU, as well as the threats of disintegration, it is essential to re-access the existing structures from several angles, namely its trade policy. One of the largest free trade agreements – TTIP is hotly under debate and CETA has been approved by the EU parliament. But should these be the fundamental and primary focus of the EU in this field for a healthy future of the Union and its citizens? Wouldn’t it be more important to, instead of aiming towards big free trade agreements, focus first on how trade is done: its sustainability, development, justice and fairness?


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