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    Igor Tkalec

    Igor Tkalec is a PhD candidate in political science at the University of Luxembourg. His PhD project encompasses policy coordination and social policy of the European Union with a focus on pension systems. His academic interests include political economy, governance, and comparative politics, notably in the context of the European Union. He has experience in journalism, blogging, and research projects.

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  • Pension reform in Croatia: better be safe and sorry

    Pension reform in Croatia: better be safe and sorry0

    The newest pension reform in Croatia brought parametric changes into the three-pillar pension system. A specific incentive within the reform – the transfer measure – exposes persistent problems in the Croatian pension system. At some point they need to be tackled with institutional measures which are absent from the current reform package.

  • Beware: Nobody wants to be lonely

    Beware: Nobody wants to be lonely0

    Ageing in Europe comes with more profound side effects than uncertain budgets and welfare state spending do. One of them is old age loneliness that exacerbates one’s health and social integration. Parallel to designing a policy framework on a communal level to combat loneliness, one should rightfully consider approaching the issue from an every-day, personal angle.


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