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    Léa Duplan

    Léa is an Editor for Digital Policy and Internet Governance. She also works on European Public Affairs at APCO Worldwide in Brussels, where she is specialised in the technology and finicial services sectors. She holds an MPP degree from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and a Bachelor's degree in European Studies from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

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  • The collapse of Schengen: The beginning of the end?

    The collapse of Schengen: The beginning of the end?0

    Bloody wars and instability in the Middle East are inducing immense migration flows into Syrian neighbouring countries (Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon) but also into Europe. Europe, where 26 countries pledged to abolish their common internal borders and agreed on one common external border, might be facing its limits

  • Basic income – Three centuries of discussion

    Basic income – Three centuries of discussion1

    Between unemployment, the refugee’s crisis, the rise of the extreme right and a possible Brexit, it is easy to see that the European Union has witnessed better times. Let’s try to look at the sunny side of politics. What if every EU citizens received an unconditional basic income? In other words, what if the EU distributed an income regardless of your social-economic status? This is what Finland, Switzerland and the EU more generally decided to inquire into.

  • U-Multirank – shaking up the traditional World University Rankings?

    U-Multirank – shaking up the traditional World University Rankings?0

    Caught between two stools? As University’s application deadlines are approaching, some young people might significantly relate to the idiom. Let’s face it, choosing an academic orientation can be a real dilemma. This is exactly why we have today an important number of global university rankings around the World. It was only a matter of time before the European Union also steps in. Launched in May 2014 between critics and excitement, U-Multirank was nonetheless very expected.

  • The hidden power of open government data in the EU

    The hidden power of open government data in the EU0

    We increasingly hear about data revolution, open governments or digital strategies, but how do they exactly impact our relationships with the government and government agencies? Here is how open government data relates to Sustainable development goals and how it can help improve the transparency, inclusiveness and accountability of the decision-making process.


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