• The EU and Bosnia-Herzegovina on a slippery slope

    The EU and Bosnia-Herzegovina on a slippery slope0

    In the last weeks, the political leaders of Bosnia-Herzegovina have pushed the country into a new crisis. The reason behind it was the Serbian entity’s decision to hold a referendum on whether 9th January should become the Day of Republika Srpska. This was widely opposed by the Croats and Bosniaks in the country, and also by the EU.

  • To ‘Europeanize’ Islamic Education

    To ‘Europeanize’ Islamic Education1

    An increasing Muslim population in Europe, presenting new integration challenges such as a heightened risk of radicalization among Muslim youth, has led to policymakers seeking to mitigate such risks and promote integration by establishing programs in Islamic education and developing a ‘Europeanized’ interpretation of Islam. To truly ‘Europeanize’ Islamic education, however, it is first necessary to ‘Europeanize’ and standardize the underlying core components of these programs: the curricula as well as the training of Imams.

  • The Crisis Between Russia and the West: Who gets to be right?

    The Crisis Between Russia and the West: Who gets to be right?0

    Conflicts are not only about incompatible interests. They are equally disagreements over why the conflict started in the first place. In the crisis between the West and Russia, diverting opinions and beliefs are evident, and both sides go at lengths to distort the narrative of the other. In this context “being right” should however not be the objective. Rather focus should be on how to address the underlying mistrust and feelings of betrayal expressed by both sides.


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