• Let the next round for the lives of the bees begin

    Let the next round for the lives of the bees begin3

    Neonicotinoids are controversial pesticides that periodically steer political debate. Some call them bee-killing pesticides. Their defenders deny their impact on pollination and claim that without them we would be gambling with the food security. The fact is that the biodiversity of species involved in pollination and agriculture-related ecosystem services is disturbingly decreasing. And we need to stop that.

  • Ivory trade: Back on the market?

    Ivory trade: Back on the market?2

    Recently, ivory trade has caused a great deal of furore between the EU, the public and conservation organisations. However, despite a legal misinterpretation leaving the EU misjudged, the resulting message that consumer demand for ivory is lawful, that killing these mythical creatures is acceptable and that they are a resource to be exploited, remains untouched.

  • The new Olympic golf course: Risks vs. benefits?

    The new Olympic golf course: Risks vs. benefits?4

    The new golf course for Rio Olympics has been the cause of huge controversy between the city`s government and the activists, leading to the movement “Occupy Golf”. The government claims that the new golf course inside the nature reserve has increased the biodiversity, but the protesters are right to be worried about the risks of such an intervention.


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