• Pretending to care for migrants

    Pretending to care for migrants0

    On August 20 the Italian ship U. Diciotti with approximately 190 refugees on board docked at the port of Catania, Sicily. Soon after, the Italian government refused to let people off the ship, under the orders of new interior minister Matteo Salvini. For five days the entire group was detained in the docked ship. Under pressure of international community, the passengers were finally allowed off the ship on August 26. A similar situation occurred in June 2018 with the vessel Aquarius, which has been refused access to ports in Italy and Malta in the end having gone to Spain.

  • The shady side of shadow banking monitoring

    The shady side of shadow banking monitoring0

    In the post-crisis scenario, monitoring the interconnectedness of traditional and shadow banks has been a major focus of international supervisors. Despite much improvement, the tools put in place to monitor shadow banking activities might not suffice to shed a proper light on the risks we are running.

  • Escaping the Venezuelan nightmare

    Escaping the Venezuelan nightmare0

    Recent news from South America shows that there might be hope for Venezuelans fleeing their country as a response to the economic meltdown and political crisis. A joint agreement signed by eleven South American countries is a step towards dealing with the massive migration flow in the region. Millions of Venezuelans have fled their home country or are planning to do so. Sadly, this is only the beginning of a situation that could lead to a humanitarian crisis in Latin America.


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