• David vs Goliath: the EU competition’s dilemma

    David vs Goliath: the EU competition’s dilemma0

    Since industrial giants from China and the US are becoming dominant players in certain sectors of global and EU markets, 19 EU governments proposed revising the EU’s antitrust rules with the aim to support and facilitate the emergence of so-called “European champions” to make the EU competitive vis-à-vis major world economies.

  • How GAFA can bully banks

    How GAFA can bully banks0

    Facebook and Apple allow their users to exchange money with one another. Amazon grants loans to its sellers and is about to offer checking accounts to its younger users. Google Pay is the perfect online substitute for our analogical wallet. How long will it take before the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) enter the banking club officially? Should commercial banks feel threatened by the big tech companies?

  • Justice denied: Voiceless in Guantanamo

    Justice denied: Voiceless in Guantanamo4

    No charge, no trial, no conviction; only hours of torture and interrogation. The Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is a “secret” prison where kidnappings, forced disappearances and degrading prison conditions makes lives of detainees, a living hell. Prisoner rights are mostly not a popular topic of debate. But, can rights be called so if they can be dismissed so effortlessly?


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