• Europe Grapples with Child Marriage

    Europe Grapples with Child Marriage0

    Amid the substantial increase in child marriage as a negative coping strategy to the humanitarian crisis in Syria, European nations are scrambling to find sustainable response to the influx of child brides. Recent cases involving de-facto or de-jure recognition of child marriage in Member States that ban such unions have not only triggered concern on the lack of protective measures for child brides, but also demonstrated that addressing child marriage is not at all a straightforward endeavor.

  • New European border management – the human cost

    New European border management – the human cost0

    According to the speeches on the inauguration day of the newly re-shaped Frontex agency, it seems that the European Union has found the best antidote to the migration challenge so far: the novelty has been labelled a “milestone” in the history of border politics and solidarity between Member States. But Frontex’ new aims focus foremost on control and monitoring, whilst little is said about the asylum system and the refugees’ rights.

  • Afghanistan – a safe third country?

    Afghanistan – a safe third country?0

    Recently the EU and the government of Afghanistan signed a readmission agreement, a deal made ‘migration sensitive’ as it transpires from an EU Restricted Country Fiche proposing possible leverages, dated March 2016. The EU pledges to provide financial aid for development and peace-building in exchange for Afghanistan’s approval to admit back failed asylum seeking nationals. Does this deal align with the principle of ‘non-refoulement’? Is Afghanistan a safe third country?


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